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Fleur Rossdale published a book with publishers Collins & Brown in 1997, ‘Classic Meets Contemporary’. Her book has been translated into many languages.

Editorial Reviews


The concept of British design evokes visions of stately homes, extravagantly grand interiors outfitted with luxurious appointments. That feeling radiates from every lush page of this volume, but there is also much more. In 1997, the British Interior Design Exhibition was held in London, "to offer enlightenment and inspiration to the public with the aim of encouraging people to take a fresh look at interiors and hopefully inspire them with ideas for their own homes." In other words, with this elegant book not only do we get to peek inside the incredible rooms of the "Design House" to see the work of 12 interior designers and architects, but we also get sound, practical advice on how to work with a designer, as well as insider secrets in the form of helpful item-by-item listings of each designer's "First Principles." If you do have the funds to hire a decorator, do your homework here first. And if you're taking on the endeavor yourself, this is one of the best places to start gathering ideas. --Amy Handy

Book Description

According to Fleur Rossdale, the best designers keep their eye on the classic-even when their hallmark style is sleek and contemporary. Fleur Rossdale presents a panorama of innovative design by Britain's top creative minds. From an English country house by Joanna Wood to the eclectic chic of Tessa Kennedy and the state-of-the-art sophistication of Baker Nevile or Stephen Ryan and Peter Wadley, here is the best work of twelve of the most successful designers working in Britain and around the world.

In full-size, full color photographs, the reader can experience the serenity of these successful interiors, and the excitement of what is possible with the touch of a daring designer. Whether decorating with antiques or the latest avant-garde furniture, with linens and chintzes or with an Ottoman aesthetic, these designers create livable spaces for prominent clients of all tastes.

Classic Meets contemporary offers an abundance of ideas and professional advice, as well as inspiring interior in today's classic style.