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Peter Wadley’s concept behind the house is based on local Vermont farmhouses, which grew with their families over time, attaching Silo, Barn and domestic accommodation together for protection from the winters.

Peter Wadley takes the local Nursery rhyme ‘Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn’ as his starting point to create a ‘Federal’ white clap-boarded house carefully situated to shield the more modern living spaces, out of sight, from the entry onto the Farm. The Silo contains the service bathrooms for the rooms in the Federal House, A Great Room swings East at 45 degrees to it and is itself captured by the garages, Kitchen and guest wing ‘L’ to form the Court of The ‘Mud Yard’.

The full extent of the house is revealed as the visitor approaches up a carefully sited curved drive.

 The Federal House designed in Classic New England Style of the 1770’s, reflects in the pond, seen from the entry onto the site shields The Great Room and Kitchen ‘L’ behind it.



The whole composition revealed, the deconstructed Modern Movement end of The Great Room, a recreation of Medieval English Living Halls, with its ‘crash’ with the Kitchen Ell.


The steps down from the triple hung sash windows of The Great Room onto the Broad Lawn running along the ridge. 


The Serpentine balcony with views across to The       White Mountains.


Interior view into The Great Room from the Kitchen showing the triple hung sash windows, which allow full height passage to the Terrace when thrown up

The ‘Mud Yard’ is defined by the Kitchen Ell and the combined mass of The Great Room, Front Entry Porch, Silo and Western flank of the Federal House. The Baroque Front Door and the day-to-day ‘Mud Room’ door porch give alternative hierarchical ways in. The Clearstory windows light The Great Room, the oval window lights the stair from The Great Room to the First Floor of the Kitchen Ell.